Why should you hire a Corporate Video Production Company in Delhi?

It is a well-known fact that video consumption is higher than ever. In
2020, YouTube has 308.7 million users in India, and they are growing.
Predictions show that YouTube will have 342.3 million users in 2021.
People watch more than 1 billion hours of video on YouTube, daily.
Facebook another popular platform in India has 8 billion daily video
views on its platform.

Humans did not make a decision based on facts and data. They make
their decision because of their emotions. At this point, videos come into
place. Videos are engaging. Videos tell a story. Videos have emotions.
Videos have that human touch which humans need every day. Most
importantly, videos create demand for a product.
Making a video is not as easy as watching it. Many efforts go into
making a single video. First, a writer writes a story about the product.
Second, a director visualizes the story and make sure the actors

perform well. Third, actors perform in a way that a story comes alive.
Finally, yet importantly, an editor arranges video footage in a way that
the viewer does not get bored. These are core components of
filmmaking. There are many things in filmmaking, which we do not talk
about much. There are lights, cameras, stages, music and many more
things. Filmmaking is a hectic job.
It feels a lot, right! For making your job a little easier, we have
Corporate Video Production companies. You must be thinking, what is a
corporate video? Do not worry I am here to answer.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate Video is an umbrella term used to define all video
communications used for internal or external corporate messaging.
One way that corporate video can differentiate from traditional video
advertising is the target audience. Corporate Video is often intended
for a specific audience rather than the public. A corporate video might
be created to present financial results to stakeholders or to highlight a
new initiative within the company. Corporate videos may also include
employee training videos and promotional videos for new product lines
or services.

Benefits of Having a Corporate Video

There are many benefits of having a Corporate Video, Improved
Visibility, and Awareness to name a few. Here is a curated list of
benefits to look upon –

Increase and Improved Visibility Online – Google priorities websites
that have video content on their website. What does it mean? It means
your website will rank higher in the search result. You will have more
traffic on your website. More traffic means more costumers. Corporate
videos provide that crucial component for your website that can
improve your website’s visibility online.

Demonstrate your Products and Services – If nobody knows how to
use your product, How to leverage your services. Then nobody will come asking for it. Corporate Videos demonstrate how to use your
product and leverage your services.

Awareness – Your corporate videos will be shared online, In WhatsApp
groups, In Facebook groups, On Twitter, on LinkedIn. It will create
awareness about your product and services. Most importantly, people
will know about your company, your vision, your work culture, and your
ethics. Corporate videos will help you to create the Brand Image.
Utilization of Multiple Marketing Channels – Social media is more
powerful than 10 years ago. It dictates our daily conversations. In our
homes, offices, we talked about many things, which we saw online. If
you have a great corporate video, many people will be talking about
your product and services.

Increased Intent of Buying – When people are talking about your
product and services, then there are higher chances that they will have
the feeling that they need your product. If they are seeing your
demonstration videos, they may be feeling that they can use your
product for making their life easier.

Brand Image – Brand Image is an important factor in the life cycle of a
company. Why will they buy a product from a company repeatedly!
Customers buy products from a company even at a higher price. The
reason behind this is “Trust”. Brand Image generates feeling for the
customers to put their trust in the Company. Corporate Videos builds
that brand image.

High Team Morale – Corporate Video Production companies also make
videos of testimonies of customers. Your employees see videos of
clients and customers thanking them for their hard work and
appreciating their efforts. It boosts their morale and makes them work
hard on products and services. It creates a cycle. Happy employees
create good products and offer great services. Good products and services make costumers happy. Happy costumers build the brand
image through conversations. Brand Image makes more people buy
your products. They thanked your employees for their work.
Tells your Story – Corporate videos tell stories of your product and your
company. Traditionally, you were limited to 30 to 60 seconds of the slot
of TV and Radio. Online you do not have those limitations. You can
show people what value your product adds to their lives.

After reading the importance and benefits of a corporate video, you
must be thinking about making a corporate video or outsourcing it to a
corporate video production company.

Two decades ago, Sandeep Marwah founded the Noida Film City. After
the foundation of Noida Film City, many Television Channels and
Corporate Offices started moving towards the Delhi NCR region. It is
now the first choice for shooting films news and web series. It is a hub
of video production nowadays. Today Noida Film City is the house of
Zee, Dish TV, T Series and many more. You will find many Corporate
Video Companies here but…

We, The Walking frames Productions , based in Delhi NCR create high-quality corporate videos. We have a great portfolio. Furthermore, we have a
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