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Behind the scenes or the making of film video production and movie crew team working in silhouette of camera and equipment set in studio.

10+ years working experience

About WFP

Your long-term creative companion,
helping your business fly high

Walking Frames Productions has been a powerhouse in the realm
of media and advertising for seven glorious years, offering a potent
blend of marketing solutions. Our unrivalled expertise has served
an extensive array of clients coming from diverse industries across
India and corners of the world, including Bangladesh, Pakistan,
Latin America, Guatemala, the United States of America, France,
Cambodia, Kenya, Vietnam, and many more. Our track record
speaks volumes about our ability to deliver excellent results,
leaving our clients satisfied and impressed.

Meet the experts behind our success

At WFP Studios, Every team member has their own unique set of skills.Our collaborative culture
encourages continuous lear ning and growth, pushing us to evolve and perfect our craft.

Ashish Rohilla

Founder & CEO

mili pic

Mili Rohilla

CO-founder & Coo

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